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About Future Applicants

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1 About Future Applicants on Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:56 am


Lately I've noticed that some applicants have been acceped before their results were clear.

For example, the last applicant, Kira, who got accepted before his ingame test was even completed (it can be seen on his profile that he didnt complete a 3/5 set with one of our members) and when the gfx captain votes on his gfx were tied (Clay voted yes, and Chris voted no).

Another example is Multi, who joined the clan without his PB test results being even posted on the app topic, and when he got more no's than yes votes.
You said he will be a great support to the clan with streaking and warring, lol yeah right I don't see that happening.

Right now, there's nothing we can do about those who got accepted, or at least not anything that is related to the recruitment which this topic is about.
But we can change a few simple things with the future applicants:

1) We must not accept/reject an applicant before he submitted his ingame and/or gfx test.

2)Unless the  guy is an amazing social person, or is a special case (not every applicant is a special case!), votes from people who didn't know the guy before he applied are mostly somewhat irrelevant.
Maybe we should only post the application on forum after he was PB tested (I don't think this should apply to the GFX test though, since there can be a case of some amazing gfxer who just takes time to make his works)

3)We should not rush with accepting people within a day or two - making them wait more will show us how dedicated they are to join.
However, we shouldn't make them wait for too long either, because that can be interpeted like we don't care about the applicant and treat him like trash.


2 Re: About Future Applicants on Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:57 am


I think he only had like 5 yes's but like you said we can't do anything now. People who make this mistake should read this and reflect.  scratch

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