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Future of Jiyu

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1 Future of Jiyu on Thu Mar 26, 2015 1:29 am


There seems to be so much confusion in the air in regards too our new name (old name included) and what we should do moving forward.. So I decided to make this topic for everyone whom is eligible to read it because obviously your opinion matters and should be heard ...

I personally myself choose to go along with whatever the final decision is because im down with keeping us together at whatever cost but if I should be more direct I like all the following names suggested

* Jiyuu Kaishi (I will always accept this)
* Ichi's choice (can't think of the name but I liked it and the meaning "Eternity" fits)
* Jiyuuminati ( I birthed this concept out of fun and everyone has embraced it . We are currently using this)
* Kiyomi (My own personal suggestion added to the discussion lol.)
* Jiyuu Legends ( Im not so big on this )

Imo whatever we decide should most definitely end with zonx its out of respect to him if not for the dude we wouldnt even be having this disscussion because this clan would have never existed Ill also keep DD updated on whats going on we cant leave him out anyways Captains and Leaders discuss this here

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2 Re: Future of Jiyu on Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:34 am


Jiyuu kaishi so all our gfx in thread doesnt go to waste No


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