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Jiyuu Kaishi || Recruitment

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1 Jiyuu Kaishi || Recruitment on Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:24 am



~Welcome to the Recruitment Thread of Jiyuu Kaishi~

if you want to know more about us, swing by the chat or check out our main thread...All informations regarding the clan can be found there.

Now that jiyuu has risen so high, we don't want the first randomer to join, our requirements are a bit high, and the process could take some time too, but if you put no effort into this, you will not be able to get in, furthermore it could compromise your chances of joining in the future. So take your time, and who knows you may end up among us.

~Meet the recruitments
~Fill out an application no matter how lazy you are
~Come to chat box to have fun... kidding, no fun for you, come to chat for PB tests
~Apply ONLY when you're clanless
~No multi-clanning
~Fill every single thing we ask you for
~Visit our chat to get your PBs done with 3 clan members and 1 Captain or Above
~Yes, the battles are 3/5
~If you fail your pb's test do not panic, we have further testing methods.
~Visit chatbox for gfx test
Here is something that you need to have inside you

~Highest Streak of +30
~Highest Level of 41
~Can maintain good consecutive streaks <--important
~Loyalty, Activness,Mature
~Active on chat

~Have reached "Novice" class
~Be willing to improve and always go beyond
~Loyalty, Activness,Mature

We have "no" lazy people in Jiyu, so don't be lazy and fill every single thing we're asking you for (below)

~In the past we found some members finding jiyuu as a retirement home, were you join and do nothing, we will be very strict on this point, unless your active, your chances to join are down to 0%

~Username :
~Highest Lv/Streak :
~Best Ratio :
~Previous Clans :
~Why did you leave?
~Why Jiyuu Kaishi? :
~Extra Comments :

~Username :
~What kind of Gfx do you do :
~Previous Clans :
~Why did you leave?
~Why Jiyuu Kaishi? :
~Link at least 5 of your works :
~Extra Comments :


If we consider your application good enough, you application will be posted and reviewed on our forums, this could take from 1 week to 1 day, Being on chat does help a lot, and further requirements could be asked.

Note : Requirements are not everything, we can bend them anytime we want
Note : Only Captains or above can post on this topic, excluding the applicant

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