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Jiyuu 2013

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1 Jiyuu 2013 on Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:57 am


Well here are some of my ideas to improve our current clan for next year.

I had an idea for our new recruitment topic, we will post the topic, then we will close it right away, not letting anyone post. In the topic we will specify, any attributes an applicant must have before attempting to join, we will link our chat, get to know the applicants, if we like them, then we proceed with posting a topic on our forums, if we dislike him, it's an alt, if he doesn't meet the stat, etc. We will simply tell them that is not the place for them.

For wars, aside the fact that aero has been starting up random wars, some wars we have, our member do not want to participate, for instance that tag war, aside the fact we barely had 10 players, me info and Zonx refused to play, because of the clans involved and banned list, it would be nice if you could post a possible war on our forums, before giving the go, that will unify our members, give them the impression that we actually rank everyone equally, decide on the banned combos together, make the forums even more active, and then give the go if we want to war.

That's it for now, I guess.


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