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"Ladies and Gentlemen, there was a man at the beginning of this tournament. A man with an idea to make a clan tournament that would get all the people from all over Naruto-Arena to fight for eternal fame. Nothing unusual, right? But then, many others supported his idea and finally made it possible to become true.

Jiyuu Kaishi as a clan is now proud that we can announce the Naruto Arena Revolutionary Tournament.

There is a lot of stuff going on everywhere and people sometimes forget what is the reason for playing this Hemidemisemiquaver as well as any other. The reason is that we want to have fun. Therefore, I bid you all, come and join this tournament in order to have fun, experience something new, something, that will be remembered for a long time and when new people come, they will see this tournament and they will think about it as something legendary.

Come and join this a festivity of Naruto-Arena!

Lets make the history here!"


Each clan is to submit a clan roster of 12 members and 2 subs as well as 1 clan leader who may not be participating actively in the tournament, and the list submitted should be final, thus no more changing to it can be done, unless of course if a clan finds itself in a drastic situation where subbing new members is of vital importance.


We decided that it would be best to host this event on our private clan forums, there are a few rules along with this, only participants from the war are allowed to register, the topics will be free for anyone to see therefor there is no real necessity of non tournament participants joining, of course if some persists we will have to block the automatic registration and accept every member individually which is gonna be a big of a hassle to you as to us. The members participating are to register under their n-a username so we can identify them on the clan rosters, once everyone is registered we will allow you to change you're usernames within the limits of course, for instance if Masta_J or Heshamxxx, were to change their usernames to Masta and Hesh accordingly we see no problem, but complete unrecognisable changes such as for example Akatstobi-san to Ponys, is stupid in our opinion, if you still want to tho, we see no problems as long as you manage to find you're opponents.


The actual event will start on january the 1st, however there will be a topic posted on our forums, a "main topic" as some would say, emphasizing all the rules, events, and whatever is going on, we are to have all members registered on our forums by the time being, otherwise the situation could turn chaotic.

Banned combos?

Some of you may have heard we wanted to have a ban list free tournament, well it was originally the idea, however some clans whom I won't mention find it particularly difficult to play without banned combos, so we decided to simplify the situation. Upon registering every clan is to add 1 banned combo, and 1 and only, for instance, We may decide that we want to ban Gaara+Yoroi, however this won't mean those characters are completely banned but merely that the particular combo is banned, thus chose you're combos with particular caution. For every other rules concerning the tournaments they will be posted on our main topic on our clan forum sometimes soon.

What kind of tournament is this?

We thought for a long while how to make this unique, and decide to combine 3 various tournament possibilities in 1, there will be a league event as well as last man standing wars, everything will be posted on our topic so be sure to check out our forums for when we do.

Sum up

As this topic is purely for registration only, our main topic will be posted sometime from today until at latest next friday, so be sure to check out our forums for when it's done, I also would advise against registering to our forums now, simply because there is nothing there yet to see, the tournament sections have been prepared but will only be visible after we post our main topic. Here's the link to our clan forums. Click for forums

This being said, I hope to see many clans registering be it new ones or old ones, I expect some good show from all of you, This is all for now. Good luck to Everyone.


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