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Flying Lightning Birds

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1 Flying Lightning Birds on Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:14 am


Clan name: Flying Lightning Birds
Clan banner [150 x 50]:

Leader(s) of the clan: vikson, sandokan98
Clan GMT (average): Around +2 mostly but not for each member
Clan Chat: Chat

Leader / Captain - Vikson
Vice Captain - sandokan98
1. butterfly***
2. magrao1702
3. anisboudouaour20
4. Redflash-Itachi
5. Ulria
6. kyuubi789
7. qweeqweqweqwe
8. choujiroxD
9. valencinho
10. lis93
11. newnoobx2
12. martin-kopec39

1. Destiny0ne
2. DragonRflame

The game is done.. as are the people that were playing it all those years, I am extremely sad that no new guys picked it up and kept playing.. But it is also my fault for retiring back in 2014, Jiyuu family is still with me even if im 21 years old (This was written in october 2017), We are going to meet in the future mark my words, back in 2012 I was just a kid.. now its in our hands to meet each other. Take care guys

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