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Official Clan Members list

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1 Official Clan Members list on Mon Jul 14, 2014 12:52 am


I'm getting very confused by the constant amount of people that join and leave

Can any leader/captain/or anyone who can edit my posts

Make an official list alphabetically of clan members and updated jt, cuz im clueless of who's in and who's out

Ill put a few here someone complete the list if possible, add userne next to nickname

Ace913 - ace
Kasanova11 - kasa

Leaders :

Zonx - zonx
Damascoy - luca
-Dedek- - dd
naruto~cem - Cem

Captains and Retired Captains

miguelangelosora - Info
JAK10 - Jak
Aaronide_Ger - Aero
HyuugaNejiXXL - Seph
Edicox - Edi
Frowny - fro my biba
Soopah - Chris
Smidus - Smi
Claydee - Clay
Ichi8 - Ichi
missedyoshotnigg - Mugi


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